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worry? Don't. Eaton spends no money, "No, Eaton Donto," she said. "I am 88 years old and my helatest sat lotto resultsalth is not good." "Usually if we win $2, we will be surprised," Charlotte said.

Zoe Hoare checked the orders while Nick decided to check the tickets. As with so many other winners, he was flabbergasted and checked them several times before passing the ticket over to his wife. The numbers didn’t match up but the Millionaire Matchmaker Code did. Unable to believe their eyes or their luck, they scanned the ticket on one of their smartphones. This was all the confirmation they needed. Thanks to the day they cleaned the carpet, the two publicans are set to retire early.

The result of -308 was drawn at Gorky Bhavan near the junction of the Thiruvananthapuram bakery on Thursday. All participants in the lottery can view their results and a complete list of winners on the portal. Karunya

Stephanie bought the ticket from their local garage. Unsure what numbers to choose, she opted for six lucky dip draws. When the numbers came through, they did what most people do – check, double check and triple check. Then as a measure of security, they took photos of themselves holding the ticket and put it in a safe place. A number of high profile thefts of tickets and security problems means that such a measure is an insurance policy should the worst happen.

South Africa’s newest millionaire has revealed his secret hiding place for his winning lottery ticket. Known in the press only as “Thabo”, the man won R145 million ($10.7 million) on the South African Powerball lottery this month and has been trying to make sense of it all while keeping things as quiet as possible. When explaining the unusual hiding place for his lottery ticket he said "I kept it in my sock at night because I thought about what if thieves were to come in here‚" said Thabo.

It’s the stuff that Hollywood feel good movies are made of – an error in processing lottery ticket leads to a big win for a player. In flatest sat lotto resultsact, there probably have been stories like that, but now we have a Hollywood plot for real to bring you. A carer from Chelmsford in Essex found herself a £1m jackpot winner following an error by the ticket seller. Lynne Groves had always used Lucky Dip to play the National Lottery but her shopkeeper printed off a EuroMillions ticket by mistake. When they checked and saw the error, she went back and asked for it to be corrected – also with a Lucky Dip and the right numbers came out. Had they not have checked, she would have missed out.

A man took more than 72 million euros from the EuroMillions lottery and decided to donate his 50 million jackpot to charity.