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31.01% vs 30.61%) Notprimes: 10,696 vsexpected: 1,0758 (or: 68.99% vs 69.39%) B-prime / nonprimenumbersineachdraw ratio: 0/6: 238-249-9.2%-9.6% 1/5: 763 -771-29.5%-29.8% 2/4: 894-899-34.6%-34.8% 3/3: 516-503-20.0%-19.5% 4/2: 156-142-6.0%-5.5% 5/1 : 017-019-0.7%-0.7% 6/0: 000-001-0.0%-0.0% The data format is: prime number/number

Central Kansas, Kansas, Wednesday, "Thurslotto results numbersday and Friday, customers get paid and think about Powerball." "Be honest with you, we don't want to see any major issues," the Dutchman said.