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Previously, it was reported that the cover protocol released the distribution scheme of cover tokens, with a maximum of 160000 cover tokens to be minted, which will start on November 20, 2020. Of these, 70% can be obtained by Shield MiningBritish Bitcoin Wallet in the next 12 months.

There were 2.5 million searches at that time. In fact, Google Trends data shows that bitcoin's search volume so far is far below its all-time high set in December 2017. If this is true, semrush's data is clearly related to the surge in the number of newly registered bitcoin addresses. It will be launched at 12:00 noon on November 24 (tomorrow)《 The 44th issue of Tiantian financial management, GT lock up and mine to earn usdg (7 days), the total amount is 3 million GT, the lock period is 7 days, the interest currency is usdg, and the currency annualized yield is floating interest rate, about 6-12%. Mobile app users can choose the "financial treasure" button on the market page to participate, and mobile browser and computer web users can click "wealth management treasure" to participate.

The competition will end at 0:00 on November 24. During the trade competition, new and old users can get 300usdt experience gold. If the daily transaction volume is more than 200000 usdt, they will directly receive 50dusd cash reward, and they can participate repeatedly during the activity. The full return of the net interest of 200 usdt is greater than that of the full amount of the interest. Please contact wbfutures customer service or check the website announcement for details. The activity of usdt real offer competition of perpetual contract has been successfully completed. During the activity, the trading profit exceeds 100 usdt and the lottery qualification of 1000gt Koi man award will be automatically obtained. The top three users in a single day can enjoy double lucky draw qualification. At present, the daily Competition Award and 1000gt Koi people special award have been issued. Users can access account management - my funds - Bill details for inquiry.

According to cryptopotato on December 10, previous monitoring data showed that about $400 million worth of XRP was transferred to bithum, which may be behind the reason for preparing for the upcoming spark (FLR) airdrop. Prior to that, freiber partner flare networks announced that it would release the xrpledger based token spark in December, which would conduct a 1:1 airdrop to XRP holders. Early today, nearly 700 million xrps were transferred from uBritish Bitcoin Walletnknown addresses to the bithum exchange, valued at about $402 million.

At present, BGM has obtained strategic investment from many well-known institutions and brand communities, such as crypto capital, czcapital, Xianlu capital, oak capital, denghuo capital, misty venture capital, tokenhodl, MNS capital, Sifang community and other well-known institutions and brand community strategic investment. Many parties will focus on product iteration, capital investment, community building, media resources and other fields to better empower BGM.