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The volume of online transactions in November reached $135.72 billion, compared with $92.09 billion last month. November is the third highest month of on chain trading volPaypal Bitcoinume after adjustment, after December 2017 and January 2018.

More than 10000 yfls have been pledged in the linkswap governance vault, accounting for 20% of the total yfl supply, according to an official yflink tweet. It is reported that linkswap is an automatic market maker of chainlink ecosystem managed by the community.

It was reported on December 2 that spaceswapceovladimir mentioned in his visit to the focus column of hyperpay that shadowstanding (also known as shadowfarming) will completely change the entire mining field of DFI, and introduce a new way to mortgage LP tokens. First, all tokens are held by users, making the whole mining process more secure and transparent. Second, it doesn't need to send tokens back and forth, almost eliminating gas fees. Users only need to log on the spaceswap official website, select the mortgage pool and enter uniswap to add liquidity to the corresponding pool. After obtaining LP tokens in the wallet, they return to spaceswap again and activate the mortgage pool. Without sending LP tokens to spaceswap, the system will automatically read the information from the user's wallet, so as to minimize the number of transactions, steps and gas fees.

It is reported that firecoin has launched hbar (Hedera hashgraph) on November 11, and has launched a triple reward of 10.7 million hbar, including recharging, trading and locking. Among them, during the period from November 11 to December 11, users will divide 7.7 million hbars according to the share of locked hbar, and the lock period is 30 days. According to the current price of 0.0316 usdt, the value is about 243000 USD.

On November 16, okex officially announced that bchn will be used as a new BCH according to the processing scheme of BCH bifurcation event and referring to the online and trading prices of mainstream trading platforms. In the other chain, the token of bchabc will be airdropped into the user's fund account at a ratio of 1:1, and the new BCH assets will remain in each account of the user. Bchabc will receive and follow up the announcement of the open trading plan.

The official coinbase said today that AAVE, BNT and SNx Paypal Bitcoinwill be launched into coinbase pro. With the exception of New York State, all jurisdictions supported by coinbase will provide support for AAVE, BNT and SNx. If the liquidity conditions are met, coinbase Pro will start trading at 1:00 Beijing time on December 16.

According to Netease financial news, Li Lihui, leader of the blockchain working group of China Internet Finance Association, said at the activity today that there are four particularly important principles for the country to follow in issuing digital currency. 1. To ensure the reliability of large-scale parallel operation; 2. To ensure the interests of the public, we should maintain the stability of the value of digital currency, protect the security of digital assets and personal privacy; 3, we should maintain the stability of the money market. The digital currency market should be seamless with the traditional money market. In addition, the current financial supervision and monetary policy transmission mechanism should be able to penetrate the digital money market. 4. We should safeguard the sovereignty of digital currency and prevent the currency sovereignty of a country from being impacted by other countries or global super sovereign digital currency in the process of currency substitution.