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Wave network Boboo market showed that BTC broke through 18800 usdt, now reported 18814Recover Bitcoin wallet password.4 usdt, 24h up + 3.86%.

according to JP.Cointelegraph11 According to a report released by Van Eck, an American asset management company, in the middle of 2020, the volatility of 29% of the components of the S & P 500 index is higher than that of bitcoin, while on the basis of quarterly data, 22% of the components are as volatile as bitcoin. So far, van Eck believes that institutional investors should consider holding bitcoin, and describe bitcoin as an emerging volatility asset outside the traditional stock and capital markets in the medium and long term. Considering that van Eck had encountered regulatory obstacles in its previous application for bitcoin ETF, the media believed that the latest report may be aimed at alleviating the fear of the SEC against the bitcoin. The report points out that there is no bitcoin ETF in the United States at present, but according to the report, the volatility of bitcoin ETF is the same as that of many well-known indexes and ETF products.

Zhao Zhubin, the operator of the room n incident, was sentenced to 40 years in prison and imposed employment restrictions for a period of 10 years and will wear an electronic Ankle Chain for 30 years, South Korea's central region Supreme Court today held its first court trial against Zhao Zhubin, the operator of room n trading with cryptocurrency, South Korea's Central Daily reported.

Wave network Market shows that BCH continued to pull up, breaking through 310usdt, the highest rose to 317.69 usdt. 31usdt, up 14.43% in 24 hours.

Galaxy digital, a cryptocurrency asset management company led by billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, reported today that its bitcoin fund delivered a 17.3% return to investors in the third quarter of 2020, according to decrypt. meanwhile,

BTC contract is now quoted at US $18078.29, a discount of US $57.02 compared with the spot price, with an increase or decrease of - 2.40% in 24h. The trading volume was 46.6598 million, and thRecover Bitcoin wallet passworde turnover was US $1691.4361 million. The current total position was 1.6891 million, which was 119600 hands higher than the previous trading day.