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On May 12, a speech made by Sebastian Kripfganz, an assistant professor at the University of Exeter and an expert in econometrics time series analysis, at the "Bitcoin Value Bitcoin price CADConference" caused an uproar.

Judging from the performance of the last two months, Bitcoin's cumulative USD increase in the last 60 days is as high as 924%, and it ranks 660 among the top 500 circulating market capitalization. The median increase in the distribution is 43%, but there are still more than 75% The currency underperformed Bitcoin, and nearly 40% of the currencies had a negative return on the dollar in the past two months (many of the top-ranked small and medium-sized market capitalization currencies have introduced models...).

When the node software searches CheckpointData and finds that a certain block height is a Checkpoint, then when the node verifies this block, it will add Article 6 to the 5 verification rules in the previous chapter, that is, the block’s The hash value must be equal to the hash value specified in Checkpoint. If they are not equal, it is a waste block and will be discarded.

When the ICO prevails, it is when the currency price is higher. In today's bear market, currency prices have plummeted. The United States used to be the country with the largest amount of ICO funds in the world. With the SEC penalties, many air projects and inferior projects, if their tokens are security tokens, investors who lose money can try to report to the SEC. If the results of the treatment are similar, the investor's loss may be recovered.

The abbreviation "ICO" corresponds to the "initial public offering (IPO)" of the first Internet bubble in the 1990s. But there is a key difference between the two, that is, what speculators buy in an ICO is not the ownership of private company equity and its proprietary software bought in a traditional IPO.

In addition, Coincheck said it is paying close attention to the stolen funds and is aware of their possible storage addresses, hoping to track these Bitcoin price CADfunds. The exchange also stated that it hopes to try to repay the losses of 260,000 users affected by the hacking attack, improve security, and continue to operate as an exchange.

From the point of time, we can clearly see that the USDT flash crash is very closely related to the BCH market movement. When BCH reached the highest point, USDT was at the lowest point, and after the end of the BCH market, USDT It quickly returned to the normal value, which is very different from the last flash crash of USDT.

On November 20, the official Ethereum blog posted that the Ethereum network will be upgraded at block height 06000 as planned. The time is expected to occur on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The specific upgrade date and time may change due to the rate of block production.

In addition, among the many disputes encountered in the development of the BTC ecosystem, such as the substantial increase in block capacity, how to standardize the ordering to promote BCH expansion, change the address format of Bitcoin Cash, change the irreversible loss of incorrect transfers, and the original zone caused by the bifurcation of cryptocurrencies On the issue of the loss of block network effects, he put forward his own opinions.