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FAMGA will continue to use its advantages in data. There are also its high scalability and all other advantages, defeating the native community of cryptocurrency and capturing the main part of the value creation of cryptocurBitcoin current pricerency. This sounds a bit like Star Wars. Occam's Razor suggested that the empire is the dominant force, and the simplest solution is to defeat The Force.

Bitcoin Cash split this time, and many ecosystems on the chain, such as memo, bitbd, moneybutton, wormhole, bitcointoken... are all things on this chain, which is the value of the chain. Splitting will seriously damage the value of the chain. For example, products on the BCH chain such as memo, because of the split, suddenly the network effect is reduced by half. If you say that I posted a memo on bch-abc, the users of the other chain bsv would not see it, which seriously damaged memo. the value of.

In 2017, this excitement sparked a fanatical interest in blockchain. Dozens of pennystocks added the term to their names and their stock prices rose sharply. The Chicago Board Options Exchange launched Bitcoin futures, and Wall Street veterans such as Michael Novogratz praised Bitcoin as the currency of the future. Of course, this time, true Bitcoin believers are also very excited. But the pomp that made Bitcoin a household name 18 months ago no longer exists.

In the second half of 2015, as the actual block capacity gradually increased from 0.3MB in June to 0.7MB at the end of the year, the community's attention to the issue of capacity expansion increased rapidly. During the period, the former chief Bitcoin developer Gavin Andersen has repeatedly proposed large block expansion plans. In August of the same year, he and Google engineer Mike Hearn jointly released a new client BitcoinXT to support the realization of its expansion route.

The "Bretton Woods Agreement" after World War II brought most of the global monetary policy control into the hands of the United States. European powers also joined, partly because the U.S. dollar is backed by gold, which means that the US government is subject to the physical laws and geology of gold mining. They cannot expand the money supply faster than gold mining.

What exactly did Wells Fargo Bank fined US$2.7 billion? What we have seen in the news is only an incomprehensible explanation. No one seems to have suffered a loss behBitcoin current priceind the simple figures, but the $60 billion in income is truly derived from the undisguised illegality of Wells Fargo.

Regarding the above-mentioned problem, the chain law lawyer team believes that the help of professional lawyers can be sought, because according to the provisions of Article 35, paragraph 2 of the Lawyers Law, lawyers can apply to relevant units with a lawyer’s practice certificate and a certificate from a law firm Or personal investigations related to the undertaking of legal affairs.