Why Bitcoin transactions take so long

About two weeks ago, the SEC rejected the Bitcoin ETF application of the Winklevoss brothers and emphasized that there are fraud and price manipulation problems in the Bitcoin market. A recent report by wealth management company CanaccordGenuity pointed out that VanEckSolidXBitcoinTrust, which three institutions such as SolidX and Cboe applied for listing, is the Bitcoin ETF that many people believe is most likely to be approvedWhy Bitcoin transactions take so long.

EOS is a decentralized operating system based on blockchain. This concept was first proposed in 2017. Its developer, Block.one, is led by CEO Brendan Blumer and CTO Dan Larimer, who lifted the veil of EOS for the first time at the 2017 Consensus Conference. After 12 months of ICO, the project raised a record 4 billion US dollars.

When the upper trajectory of the Bollinger Band is moving downwards, while the middle and lower trajectories are still moving upwards, it indicates that the price is in a state of consolidation. If the price is in a long-term upward trend, it indicates that the price is a strong consolidation on the way up, and investors can wait and see or buy short-term on dips; if the price is in a long-term downward trend, it indicates that the price is a weak consolidation on the way down , Investors should wait and see or lighten up their positions on rallies.

Security auditor Dexaran noticed this vulnerability. He subsequently developed the ERC-223 standard and added the tokenFallback function. If the transferFrom function is not executed, the function is executed. However, despite this, this new function created by anonymous programmers has not been widely recognized.

The subsequent acceleration of digital currency transformation due to the pandemic crisis drove countries to invest in CBDC (central bank digital currency) research and development, the exhaustion of favorable policies, and the Federal Reserve (Fed) to expand debt printing and expand the impact of inflation risks. MicroStrategy, a Wall Street listed company August announced the beginning of an investment of US$500 million in Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin declined again in early September due to the popularity of the mainstream market, the institutional effect has already begun to ferment.

However, Ferguson remains critical of Bitcoin's rise to a high of nearlyWhy Bitcoin transactions take so long $20,000 due to speculation at the end of 2017. At this stage, the price of Bitcoin has adjusted back to between $3,000 and $4,000, which is a good thing in Ferguson's view. He believes that the price of Bitcoin is still far from the collapse:

Leo: I think it's not just the slow development in China, the Lightning Network is still a relatively new thing, and it is only popular among developers abroad. The Lightning Network did not enter the country in particular before, because many domestic participants are mainly miners, and they may be affected by some not necessarily correct concepts. The Lightning Network is not actually a way to expand Bitcoin. I think the development of the Lightning Network is an inevitable trend, and its popularity is only a matter of time. We are here to organize the event to avoid some misunderstandings when a new concept is spread in a new market. For example, some custodial centralized wallets are not a particularly good thing in my opinion. This is one of the purposes of our promotion. I think that in the future, developers will see the convenience and speed of using the Lightning Network, as well as the quickness of developing on it, and the community will naturally rise and the community will rise. I think it's a sign now.

Interruption: Some people have asked me why I use the term business vs. privacy to describe the different focus of watchtower services. Because if companies want to increase revenue and survive the competition, watchtower service providers that don’t care about privacy have more ways to increase revenue and reduce operating costs. Therefore, from the perspective of enterprise survival and development, their plan is more feasible.