How to write Bitcoin mining software

According to the monthly report of coingecko, the trading volume of global cryptocurrency exchanges reached a record high of US $348 billion in November, an increaHow to write Bitcoin mining softwarese of 125% over October. The total trading volume of centralized and decentralized exchanges in October was $154 billion.

The trading volume of btcusdt perpetual contract is 13441769, and the proportion of long position account is 0.86/1; the proportion of long position is 49.84%, and the proportion of short position is 50.16%.

6. Okex will support XRP users airdrop spark and suspend XRP recharge and withdrawal at 20:00 on December 11.

Mellon protocol (MLN), a decentralized asset management protocol, has announced that it will release a version of mellonv2 in the next few weeks. Rafi capital (RGT) plans to move its liquidity to Mellon at that time. In addition, Mellon will distribute 1500 MLNs to all RGT token holders and 50000 rgts to all mln token holders.

P é terszil á gyi, the core developer of Ethereum, sent back earlier today to respond to the previous infraa service interruption event, saying: tell the truth. We didn't cause 80 percent of the network to split into a bad chain. Only geth nodes that have not been updated in the past four months or more will fork out. "Geth has the responsibility to let the dependent users know in advance the possible complexities." no, we don't. Geth's responsibility is to the Ethereum network, not to a particular dependent user.

1. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached US $13.51 billion (+ 5.05%), maker returned to the first place wiHow to write Bitcoin mining softwareth us $2.4 billion, accounting for 17.78%. The total value of locked assets of wbtc was $2.24 billion, and that of compound was $1.48 billion.

Piper Merriam, a developer, announced the development progress of Alexandria, a new protocol for Ethereum ecology, which is still under development. Alexandria's goal is to provide a new peer-to-peer network to reveal the blockchain history of Ethereum.

MicroStrategy is building a team to explore bitcoin's data and Analytics products, according to Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy's chief executive.

At present, pearls (PLS) has obtained strategic investment from many famous institutions and brand communities such as index capital. The above parties will actively cooperate in product iteration, capital investment, community building, media resources and other fields to better serve the blockchain ecology

2. High transparency, decentralized account book is open, anyone can view transaction records, high transparency, more convenient for supervision;