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Whale BitcoinGate.io It will be launched at 12:00 noon on December 6 (tomorrow)《 Gate.io The 56th issue of BTC lock up financing (7 days) of Tiantian financial management has a total amount of 100btc and a lock period of 7 days. The annualized yield is 4%. Mobile app users can choose the "financial treasure" button on the market page to participate, and mobile browser and computer web users can click "wealth management treasure" to participate.

According to the information from the Chinese community of chellitcoin, the public chain project has recently completed the strategic investment jointly by eight overseas crypto venture capitalists alphacapital and blocksolarvc,

Kosala hemachandra, founder and chief executive of myetherwallet, said on December 2, according to cointegraph,

The total position of centralized bitcoin options has continuously broken through record highs, and is now reported at about US $3.8 billion, nearly 10 times higher than that at the beginning of the year. The surge in demand for derivatives represents the growing maturity of market participants (institutions and retail investors). Compared with the centralized cefi option, the decentralized defi option ecology with the rapid increase of TVL (total lock up value) is more diversified. According to the data of defipulse, the total TVL of derivatives has reached nearly 900 million US dollars. Currently, more active options such as hegic and opyn are 50 million US dollars and 2.5 million US dollars respectively. In the past 30 days, the growth rate of hegic's lock positions has doubled. In the second half of 2020, there have been famous VC investment institutions laying out the defi option products, and the defi ecology has entered the second half. On chain lending, AMM trading and derivatives have gradually become the three pillars of decentralized finance, and options as the Pearl of derivatives, its competition has become increasingly fierce. Although it has become common for defi participants to use options to manage risks, and TVL, an option platform, has grown dramatically recently. However, smart contract loopholes, frequent hacker attacks and obscure interactive interfaces have blocked the development of the platform

BW.io The market showed that AXS was officially launched at 17:00 on November 16, and the AXS / usdt trading pair was opened. AXS rose to 0.65usdt at the highest level, and now it is 0.544usdt, up 36.12%.

The first contract address is 0xcbc106525cbc3ab41a6868c22d1f1c573ab89fd (creameth2), which started to initiate coWhale Bitcoinntinuous deposit at 14:31 today. The contract under call is located at the mining address of f2pool (0x0194512e77d798e4871973d9cb9d7ddfc0ffd801), and the contract call is still in progress. At present, the holdings of eth on Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract rank No.13.

Ju Jianhua, President of hobbit blockchain Research Institute, said that the cooperation between hobbit blockchain Research Institute and the blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University has realized the strong combination and complementary advantages between the industry and universities. At the same time, as an effective platform for the combination of academic theory and practice, collaborative innovation laboratory will pay more attention to relevant innovation research and application, and jointly promote the healthy development of blockchain industry.

A shares closed at 3410.18 points (- 0.19%), Shenzhen composite index at 13973.89 points (+ 0.00%), Shenzhen blockchain 50 index at 3906.02 points (- 0.51%), and the digital currency plate of the same Huashun fell 0.64%.