Bitcoin resistance

Amaury Séchet has been active in various activities about BCH as the chief developer of BitcoinABC, and is one of the main figures in external pBitcoin resistanceublicity on behalf of BCH. In August 2018, Amaury Séchet was revealed to have been kicked out by the BCHSlack community. The reason was his proposal that Satoshi Aomoto strongly opposed the use of the "pre-consensus" framework to reduce transaction time.

Proponents of BCH believe that small blockists have allowed the Bitcoin project to create a settlement network, and its on-chain fees are very high when the block is full. Some people believe that the Core developers successfully changed people's understanding of PoW game theory because they interpreted Satoshi Nakamoto's description of PoW as a deliberate consensus mechanism for mining.

However, the impact of smart contract vulnerabilities goes far beyond the damage to individual project investors. According to the self-media block rhythm analysis, starting from midnight on May 20th, hackers used cash that could not be withdrawn to drop bitcoin to $7,400, and made short bitcoins in other transactions, successfully harvesting futures and cash.

PlanB explores this from the perspective of cointegration decline. A classic example is water, which transforms from a solid form to a liquid or gas, and finally ionizes when the temperature rises. PlanB said that it can be said that the US dollar has also undergone phase changes. The US dollar was originally a gold coin, and later became a silver coin, a paper currency with a gold background, and since 1971 it became a paper currency without any background.

In theory, the price of Tether's token USDT should be pegged to the US dollar 1:1, and every USDT in circulation should be guaranteed to have a corresponding reserve in the company's bank account. From the perspective of market value and transaction volume, USDT accounts for the majority of the stablecoin market.

Vitalik's tweets are a series of discussions on blockchain governance published by CleanApp. Blockchain enthusiasts often debate whether the blockchain should be modified or wBitcoin resistanceho should make the decision to change it. This post clarified whether the blockchain can be modified for ethical reasons.

Hodlonaut was threatened by CSW, and other opponents of CSW have received a lawyer's letter. Twitter veteran Peter McCormack said on Twitter that he received a letter from CSW’s lawyers, and he responded to CSW’s prosecution, saying, “I have prepared 15 lawyers to represent me in court. Craig Wright is definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto. "And wrote an apology letter to CraigWright, hoping that he would admit his mistake and apologize to the Bitcoin community.

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