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Remittance is another matter. Mazzola said: Qbita is the perfect platform for handling remittances. If we compare Qbita to Western Union, a Cuban-American sends $100 from the United States to his wife in Holguin, she will receive about 95 Cuban pesos. USD Bitcoin exchange rate[Remarks: 1 U.S. dollar ≈ 1 Cuban peso at the time of writing]

In November 2017, the Beijing Equity Exchange Center, together with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other regional equity market operating institutions, jointly launched the regional equity market intermediary agency credit chain, focusing on building a unified standard and unchangeable intermediary agency’s practice information sharing system. Trust Blockchain is the first blockchain application project officially launched in the industry. 1 Wuhan Municipal People’s Government: A one-time reward of 2 million yuan for being selected as one of the top 100 national blockchain blockchains. According to the official website of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government has recently issued the "Wuhan City Breakthrough Development of Digital Economy Implementation Plan". In the four fields of intelligence, blockchain, 5G, and industrial Internet, 10 digital economy industry innovation key tasks are released each year. After the list is unveiled, the successful implementation of the assessment is determined. Each company will be rewarded 2 million yuan. Undertake 50% of reward funds. For the first time to enter the top 100 domestic and foreign digital economy, the top 100 national software, the top 100 national Internet, the top 100 national electronic information, and the top 100 national blockchain companies issued by an authoritative organization for the first time, a one-time reward of 2 million yuan will be given.

JillCarson said that technologies to resist censorship and protect privacy have a long history, such as some special encrypted signals for messaging, or Bittorrent for file sharing, and Tor browser for web browsing. Wait. Bitcoin is actually similar to these tools. When they were born, they were not built for mainstream people, so they don't need to be recognized by everyone to prove their value. Carson pointed out that even from the perspective of the Lightning Network and other new scalability solutions, the current processing speed of the Bitcoin network is not enough to replace legal currency as the basic mainstream currency.

Around this time and in the following years, there was a rush to create new public blockchain networks that made some trade-offs to optimize one (or more) specific functions. During this period, we have seen the launch of a blockchain platform optimized for various characteristics (such as transaction speed/throughput, privacy protection and expressiveness, etc.).

At that CoinGeek meeting, Satoshi Oban cited an example of a used car to explain his thoughts. Now when buying a used car online, the seller tells the buyer all the information about a car, and the buyer may not believe it, because the trust problem is too serious and the buyer cannot verify what the seller says. But on the chain, a used car has been repaired several times, how long it has been used, and where it has had an accident, these information will be recorded by different groups. Buyers will not have trust issues at all, because the information on the chain is cross-validated and it is difficult to falsify.

According to the information provided by the website, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will perform a hard fork protocol upgrade with the UNIX timestamp 1542300000 (November 16, 2018 0:40:0 USD Bitcoin exchange rateBeijing time), while using the BCH network All companies and individuals should check their running software to ensure that their software is compatible with this upgrade.

From a technical point of view, a series of technical solutions will be actually verified in 2019. For example, the throughput of the blockchain system has always been a pain point that has been criticized. Especially for smart contract platforms, throughput almost directly affects the availability of the system. After the development in 2018, there will be a batch of mainnets with expandable solutions. In particular, there will be a practical verification of the hotly discussed technologies such as sharding, side chains, DAG, and Layer 2 networks. At the same time, the actual roll out of the extensible program will also likely change the path of some applications and open up new application scenarios.

Jefferies LLC analyst Christopher Wood advises investors (including institutions) to buy before the Bitcoin halving in his weekly "Greed & Fear" (Greed & Fear) newsletter, and uses the sharp increase in the price of Bitcoin after the previous two halvings. evidence.