Bitcoin exchange

The "Anti-Monopoly Law" exists, and corporate organizations cannot expand indefinitely, but distributed organizations cBitcoin exchangean. The commercial value of distributed organizations driven by blockchain algorithms needs to be reflected by the rise of cryptocurrency in the system, and the rise of cryptocurrency is driven by demand for use. Through open source code, this demand for use can be infinitely amplified.

The biggest change in 2018 is price. Compared to the highest point, the price of Bitcoin has fallen by 85% and may continue to fall. However, compared with other altcoins, Bitcoin's volatility is nothing at all. Among the other top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Ethereum, Ripple, BCH and EOS all fell more than 90%. The lack of liquidity, practical applications, and security may have all contributed to the collapse of these currencies, but more importantly, the hype surrounding these assets set a record in 2017.

Hui Yi, the founder of BitEasy, is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor. Hui Yi once founded a P2P company twice and escaped P2P thunderstorms and successfully retreated hundreds of millions in profits. He also escaped the stock market crash at 5,000 A-shares, and has the title of "Gui Shen". Hui Yi entered the blockchain industry to start BitEasy and provide asset management services for many high-net-worth investors.

TelegramOpenNetwork seems to be created to help people transfer funds themselves. If this scam is not exposed, it may really succeed. Their legal registration as a company may mislead potential investors into thinking that the project is legal. But this has attracted the attention of Telegram. Their tweet on April 6 showed that the project has nothing to do with the official Telegram project.


About three months ago, the market value of Litecoin was at least double its current value, exceeding $3.4 billion. Today, the market value of Litecoin is $400 million less than USDT. The market value of EOS has also been reduced by nearly half compared to 3 months ago, and downward pressure seems to continue. This kind of tokenized platform relies on the demand for related tokens. I am afraid that it will not be possible until new projects emerge or users regain their enthusiasm for old projects before EOS can return to its former gBitcoin exchangelory.

According to the currently envisaged plan, the central bank will issue legal digital currency to commercial banks by writing down the deposit reserves of commercial banks, and the commercial bank will then issue digital currency to users to complete the issuance of legal digital currency. The return link is a reverse process, destroying legal digital currency and adding a deposit reserve. The legal digital currency here belongs to m0, that is, currency in circulation and does not have the function of deriving new currency through commercial banks. This is the current assumption and may be changed in the future.

Paradigm is currently one of the most active cryptocurrency investment institutions. In their daily work, they must face investors who are interested in Bitcoin but skeptical, especially institutional investors from traditional investment institutions and family offices. They often need to invest in these huge assets. People explain the value of Bitcoin. In the end, Huang Gongyu decided to write an article explaining clearly the value of Bitcoin in his eyes and answering the most concerned questions of these investors.