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According to the data provided by Coin, in the past 24 hours, the contract market on the entire network has liquidated a toBitcoin mining cztal of 7.9 billion US dollars, and the number of liquidated positions reached 41,257. The largest single liquidation order occurred at Bitmex, with a value of 9.24 million US dollars. Among the currencies with the highest liquidation amount, BTC liquidated US$4.3 billion, ETH liquidated US$128 million, BCH liquidated US$49.21 million, EOS liquidated US$36.22 million, and BSV liquidated US$23.2 million.

The denomination of fiat currency may be 1 Euro or 20 US dollars. In theory, Bitcoin can also exist in this way. But allowing variable-scale transactions is actually more efficient. In this way, users can pay a bill of 4 bitcoins instead of initiating 4 transactions of 1 bitcoin on the blockchain.

Regardless of the reasons for the Finnish customs decision to hold the seized cryptocurrency, the country is clearly not the only country that believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be more dangerous than cash in terms of money laundering. In July 2019, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressed his skepticism about Bitcoin, believing that cash laundering is different from Bitcoin.

One problem with the current Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains is that the number of units running full nodes is decreasing. This is because full nodes need to download all input and output data from all transactions, and over time, these The data has grown exponentially. For example, the current complete data of the Ethereum blockchain has exceeded 1TB, which is too burdensome for node operators.

Logically speaking, modern monetary theory scholars, including all schools of thought, regard Bitcoin as a nemesis. Contrary to the idea that modern monetary theory is moving towards financial monopoly, Bitcoin takes a completely different philosophical approach to government debt. It allows individuals to escape from endless government debt, so Bitcoin weakens this monopoly mechanism to a certain extent .

According to OKEX, as of 1 a.m. on the 24th, the trading volumes of the three trading pairs on OKEX were BEC/BTCBitcoin mining cz: 516994BEC, BEC/ETH: 420465BEC, BEC/USDT: 599305BEC, totaling about 1.53 million BEC. Calculated based on the price of about 45 yuan at the time, the turnover did not exceed 10 million yuan.