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Today, ourbit, a global innovative digital asset derivatives exchange, officially launched yuqianbao financial products. It provides users with the financial management business of depositing currency and raw currency. It can transfer idle usdt into yuqianbao and enjoy steady income every day. It 1000 USD to USDhas the characteristics of flexible storage, short interest calculation period and zero threshold for subscription. The annualized rate of ourbit's surplus currency treasure can reach 10%. The interest will be calculated on the day of transfer, and the next day will enjoy the income. At the same time, the principal can be redeemed immediately and the account will be paid in real time. From now on, users can go to app for purchase.

The highest income of IO wealth management treasure is 9.97% and that of POS is 25%. The two zones contain major mainstream currency and popular currency financing projects.

The WBF exchange will officially launch GOC, and go / usdt will be launched in the open area at 15:33 on December 9. Recharge will be opened at 11:00 on December 8, and cash withdrawal will be opened at 16:00 on December 10.

According to the S2F model, bitcoin is actually the rarest asset in the world, according to mark Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek, who participated in the US CNBC program squawkbox. On the show yesterday, Rick Rieder, BlackRock's chief investment officer, said bitcoin was used in more scenarios than gold, and that it could replace gold in the future.

2. The defi index of currency World Research Institute: dex147.97 (+ 5%), derivatives 155.60 (+ 3%), loans 161.40 (+ 1%), prophecy 110.84 (+ 2%).

The data shows that bchn has generated two new blocks after the height of 661648, and there is no new block after bcha bifurcates. In the recent 300 blocks, 240 bchn nodes and 0 bcha nodes were used. Bchn futures price is 0.9400/bch, bcha futures price is 0.0658/bch. At present, there are 192 bchn nodes, 465 bcha nodes, 516 Bu nodes and 36 other nodes1000 USD to USD in the last 24 hours.

At present, there are 833789 addresses with a balance greater than 1btc in the whole network, 734 more than that on a month on month basis. The number of addresses with a balance greater than 100btc is 16325, with a decrease of 85 on a month on month basis.