Blockchain Bitcoin mining

More than 62Blockchain Bitcoin mining000 BTC options will mature on November 27, Friday, with a total value of about $1 billion, according to deribit data.

KDJ three line dead fork start to diverge downward, MACD fast and slow line golden fork turn head has downward movement. At present, the market still keeps the downward trend, because of the lack of strong and good news support, the market is difficult to have a large rise in the short term, the market failed to fall below 16000, the bottom stabilized, the upper defense 16150, the lower focus on 159001580015500. The recent market volatility is large, pay attention to risk control. The project womprotocol (WOM) will be opened at 12:00 on December 7 (today), and the voting will end at 10:00 on December 8. In this round of voting, if WOM gets 10 million votes, The online WOM / usdt transaction will allow users to share 142850wom airdrop, and participate in activities such as recharging, with a $5000 airdrop reward.

1. The total value of global digital money market is 514.492 billion US dollars (- 0.41%), and the 24-hour trading volume is 83.628 billion US dollars (- 37.69%).

The specific forms of activities are as follows: gratitude to send money, deposit money to generate interest, contract account daily net deposit ≥ 1000usdt and enjoy 30% annualized income upon completion of any transaction; gratitude for insurance, transaction free, single day net deposit ≥ 200usdt users, enjoy the same day resurrection insurance service, return the full amount of the day's explosion; Thanksgiving send u, no cost benefit, new contract users, enjoy 300usdt experience gold 。 For details, please refer to the notice on WBF official website.

The double defi mining project of NBS community of new bit shares has successfully completed the accBlockchain Bitcoin miningeptance,

On December 3, AAVE officially announced that the V2 version was online. In V2 version, the assets pledged by users can also be freely traded, and the lightning loan has also been upgraded, which can quickly borrow funds from AAVE agreement to complete the liquidation. It can also be updated through simple transaction mortgage repayment, batch loan, introduction of optimization technology in handling fees, and 50% reduction of transaction cost. Aavev2 version has passed the audit of mixbytes, certik, consensys diligence and peckshield. The fifth audit of sigma prime is about to be carried out, and the public report will also be released. In addition to the smart contract audit, AAVE is working with gauntlet to test its financial infrastructure.