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Financial crime enforcement network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury Department encourages banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial institutions to share customer information with each other to hunt down criminalDig bitcoin at homes, according to coindesk on December 12. FinCEN's fact sheet on Thursday appears to have lowered barriers to further sharing of customer information between banks and lowered the threshold for suspicious activity. The guide could infuriate privacy advocates, both inside and outside the encryption community, who are already uncomfortable with the large amount of personal data accumulated in FinCEN's suspicious activity report (SAR) database.

according to filfox.info Data, as of 13:00 today, the effective computing power of the whole network of filecoin is 1.29eib, the pledge amount is 21788004fil, the output in recent 24h is 211385 fil, the average mining income in 24h is 0.1573fil/tib, and the basic rate of filecoin gas is 3.56nanofil, as shown in the figure below. Fil now has a global average price of $29.88 (- 2.82%).

1. Zec mining reward allocation scheme is expected to be activated in the fourth zcash network upgrade on November 16.

According to decrypt, Venezuela has become the second largest market for local bitcoins, a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform for cryptocurrencies, while Colombia has leapt to third place. The two Latin American countries account for 23% of the total local bitcoins market.

1. The total market value of the defi concept currency is now US $181.48 (- 53.65%) billion. The top five tokens are: wbtc (US $2.302 billion), CDAI (US $1.234 billion), Dai (US $1.021 billion), uniswapv2 (US $949 million) and yfi (US $764 million).

BtoC will start to vote in public on December 15, 2020, and the nDig bitcoin at homeumber of votes will reach 30000 valid address of coin holding equipment, which will trigger the mining dividend mechanism. Voting rules: users who have successfully voted can enjoy the mining dividend; at least 100btoc in the asset account of each equipment address has the right to vote;

The bill allows Venezuelan executives to authorize any form of financial mechanism to make payments, including encrypted assets and tokens based on blockchain technology.

So far, the total number of defi users has exceeded 1 million, according to dune analytics. Among them, the number of uniswap users reached 586000, accounting for 58.6%; compound ranked second, accounting for 254 000; kyber (110000), 1inch (43000) and opensea (33000) ranked second.