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2. Avalanche protocol of decentralized service platform avalanche releases zero pBitcoin private exchangehase of apricot, and verifiers need to complete the upgrade before 7:00 on December 8.

According to the block on December 3, U.S. representative Tom emmer opposed the new stable currency regulation bill in Congress. He said the bill failed to agree on the protection of innovation. Those of us who support the development of these new innovations in the United States have worked hard to learn and understand this technology, which will have a huge beneficial impact on low - and middle-income Americans and individuals around the world, he said in a statement. We have been trying to find common ground with the other side in practical steps to achieve this goal. I hope supporters of this bill will do the same. It is reported that Tom emmer is a member of the Congress blockchain core group. Earlier news, U.S. congressmen have proposed a new bill, which will require stable currency issuers to obtain bank license and regulatory approval before issuing stable currency.

Although eth has also started to rise, its strength is limited, and the trading volume has not been significantly enlarged. Although it once rose to 496 this morning, it has now retreated to around 470. You can pay attention to the support near 466 below, and if you stabilize, you can see 479 in the short term. In the defi project, if yfi can stabilize at 20500, there is a certain probability that yfi will continue to rebound, otherwise, it may go down to 19520. Yfii in the rebound to 2260 strong resistance after the start of the callback market, if the short-term stability at 1830 can continue to expect a rebound, on the contrary, focus on 1530 second-line support.

In terms of mainstream currency, the top mainstream currency rebounded slightly, and the increase expanded to bring profit opportunities to short-term traders.

Bifrost, the Boca ecological defi protocol, has opened vthmintdrop for eth 2.0 at 17:00 on November 27. As of 12:00 today, the amount of coins has exceeded 10000 eth, reaching 10378.0239eth.

According to cointegraph on December 12, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has won the ICO case of blockvest, a blockchain asset trading company. The defendant wrongly stated that the ICO distribution was registered with and approved by the SEC and used the SEC's logo, court documents said on Thursday. Blockvest and its founder, reginaldbuddy Ringgold III, have to pay a number of damages, including a refund of funds contributed by particBitcoin private exchangeipants in the offering. According to the document, the illegal proceeds, interest and civil fines amount to $696097.90.