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Dot, POS pledge infrastructure evertake under construction of tendermint, Solana and Ethereum transfer bridges, beringwaters, OTC service platform building arweave and Solana storage bridges, certusone with wormhole (under audit) connLow price bitcoin walletecting Ethereum and Solana, browser extender and application maskbook, cross platform sol wallet mathwallet, Solana Obsidian systems, an open protocol Ren, an open protocol for connecting a defi application to a mobile wallet through QR codes or links, and an open protocol for monitoring Solana verifiers and measuring network performance Validators.App Build Orca implemented by AMM on Solana and GUI, and integrate metamask agent into S Olana and cybercore, which integrates sputnikvm into Solana's infrastructure.

According to UToday, the flare network claims that coinbase may not be able to support spark (FLR) airdrops before the snapshot of all XRP addresses is completed on December 12, which dissatisfies the XRP community. XRP was launched on coinbase in February 2019. Since then, the exchange has accumulated more than 3 billion xrps, currently worth about $1.9 billion. Coinbase's silence means that some of its users may not know about it at all and miss the free token that XRP holders will get in the 1:1 ratio. The flare network states that all unused tokens will be reassigned to the remaining users. Prior to this, several top exchanges such as bitstamp and coin an have announced their participation in the spark airdrop. In addition to coinbase, Kraken does not intend to support spark airdrops.

The daily deposit and withdrawal amount is 20 million US dollars, and the registered users are 2000 +. Redefining digital asset wallet with safe and perfect technology, providing API access for more than 100 currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum; self-control of top-level private key boss, dynamic calculation of sub private key, no network access, hardware support, pure cold operation; multi-level financial audit strategy, asset trend and operation log are clear at a glance; massive address unified management, balance automatic collection.

According to the special analysts of ourbit integrated platform, the public opinion of BTC contract is optimistic, with the long view accounting for 39%, the short view accounting for 22%, and the wait-and-see attitude accounting for 39%. Please pay attention to the operational risk.

3. South Korea has passed the tax law amendment, which will tax 20% of the annual income of cryptocurrency above 2.5 million won from 2022.

Blockfills, a market maker and aggregator of cryptocurrency prices, said it had provided more than $Low price bitcoin wallet50 million in financial support to North American miners and said it would launch hash rate derivatives next.

According to the data provided by icoanalytics, nine of the top 20 exchanges with monthly traffic increased by more than 50%, of which zaif was the largest, with a monthly growth of 122%.