Trading ripples with Bitcoin

BTC has continued to fluctuate and fall since the early morning, with the lowest falling to 15777.77usdt, and then rebounding continuously. Now, BTC rebounds close to 16000 usdt. The mainstream cuTrading ripples with Bitcoinrrency basically follows the trend of the market, and rebounds after shocks and falls. BTC was at 15996.70 usdt, down 0.22% within the day.

Compoundlabs has just announced that proposal 030 has passed the community vote and will be implemented after a two-day waiting period. The proposal includes: remove unused code from comptroller; add authorization function, governance can send comp to any address; add contributor function, governance can stream comp to any address.

At 12:00 on December 12, zenlink team completed the prototype verification of the first cross chain communication between parallel chains on Boca, and successfully implemented cross chain transaction use cases based on asset management and DEX module in zenlink dexmodule. This means that assets issued through the zenlink module can be transferred across the chain based on xcmp messages. Zenlink is a cross chain decentralized trading network based on Polkadot, which is committed to building a new generation of cross chain DEX network.

The NBS Council said that as a pioneer of the defi and DEX public chain projects, NBS has launched more than 20 first and second tier exchanges such as coin an, Huo coin, Matcha and Zhongyuan. At the same time, on the basis of inheriting and optimizing the decentralized governance concept, community construction and chain ecology are becoming more and more prosperous.

According to golden fruit app( JGZ.COM )According to official data, in the past 24 hours, the 11 mainstream exchanges monitored have recharged 2.858 billion yuan and withdrawn 2.99 billion yuan; in the past 24 hours, it has withdrawn 132 million yuan, 1.524 billion yuan in recent 7 days, and 77500 person times have been fully withdrawn in 24h; the data covers erc20 and trc20.

At present, the total value of the mobile token of uniswap is about 1.68 billion US dollars (- 0.59%), and the 24-hour transaction volume is about 355 million US dollars (+ 26.79%). The top three token of increase: BAC (+ 49.56%), YFV (+ 3Trading ripples with Bitcoin5.67%) and mph (+ 31.95%); the first three token of decline: gain (- 36.97%), EDC (- 26.97%), zzz (- 17.31%).

According to the official announcement of ZB, in order to promote the development of eth2.0 and provide liquidity mining, China currency pool and quickcash platform will start mining of eth2.0 verification node at 17:00 on November 20, 2020. Meanwhile, qeth, a 1-3-year option token of eth on the Ethereum blockchain, will be issued in strict accordance with the 1:1 pledge. All pledges are synchronized with Ethereum 2.0 to help users participate in the eth2.0 verification node with low threshold Mining, stacking revenue airdropped to qeth holders, qeth can be traded.

According to tokenview's online data monitoring, the net outflow of bitcoin on the exchange continued to rise in the past week. Among them, binance exchange has gone against the general trend. Its bitcoin has been in a net inflow state for four days in the past week, and has gradually turned into a net outflow in the last two days. At the same time, the net inflow of other exchanges has increased, but it is still in a net outflow state. Yesterday, bitcoin net outflow ranked as binance, huanbi, bitfinex and poloniex.