Buy and send bitcoin

AccorBuy and send bitcoinding to decrypt on February 8, big digital assets, the parent company of netcoins and blockchain intelligence group in Canada, announced today that it had purchased 40 bitcoin (BTC) as long-term assets. The purchase increased its inventory to 189.5 BTC, or more than $3.6 million in total.

In the BTC perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 18.44%, and the average short position proportion is 19.67%. The short position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 1000 BTCs.

3. South Korea has passed the tax law amendment, which will tax 20% of the annual income of cryptocurrency above 2.5 million won from 2022.

ADA, day K line price performance is more rapid, trading volume for three consecutive days after the volume, the price soared by 50%. Even if the volume does not see a rebound, ADA has been in an effective volume state, and prices are expected to remain strong after breaking through the short-term high.

Money world learned from the slow fog security team that in principle, it is feasible for super nodes to package the expected hash mantissa to do evil. From the perspective of chain behavior, we still need to see whether the lastme is the only one with such high frequency. According to the data, at about 22:28 Beijing time on November 18, at the block height of 657535, someone paid thBuy and send bitcoine handling fee of about 2.66 BTCs (about 47000 US dollars), only 0.0108 BTCs (about 190 US dollars) were transferred.

According to the monthly report of coingecko, the trading volume of global cryptocurrency exchanges reached a record high of US $348 billion in November, an increase of 125% over October. The total trading volume of centralized and decentralized exchanges in October was $154 billion.

On December 15, nervos tweeted that the DEX demo gliaswap, which allows users to trade and earn cryptocurrency without installing a CKB wallet, has been launched.

1. The total value of lock-in assets in defi reached US $13.89 billion (+ 2.88%). Maker ranked first with us $2.43 billion accounting for 17.51%. The total value of wbtc's locked assets was $2.26 billion, and the total value of compound's locked assets was $1.55 billion.

On December 1, harvestfinance officially announced that it had launched a new strategy for the DFI protocol idlefinance, and opened the fund pool corresponding to usdc, usdt, tusd, Dai and wbtc. Users can pledge to earn idle rewards.