Threat emails demand Bitcoin 2020

1. During the transition period, the composition of index will remain relatively unchanged, including CVP, yfi, SThreat emails demand Bitcoin 2020Nx, lend, wnxm, uni, com P and MKR.

According to Nikkei news on November 16, mercuria investment, an investment company, and a joint fund of Itochu Corporation announced their investment in propy, a blockchain real estate company. The specific investment amount has not been announced yet.

FSExA.ORG Based on wave field chain, it is the world's first decentralized material chain application integrating defi + NFT, which supports the DEI decentralized transaction and NFT multi block combination one-to-one physical chain auction. It is reported that, FSExA.ORG FXa / trxlp mining will be started, and NFT blocks will be randomly obtained during mining, so as to further improve the application value of governance token. Getting FXa is early involvement FSExA.ORGbusiness The only way.

Bmex venture capital, a venture capital fund of bmex, reached a strategic cooperation with vbit, the black horse digital asset exchange, on December 7. In this cooperation, the two sides will integrate and complement each other in ecological business and global channels to expand their influence in the industry.

1. The total value of global digital money market is 535.04 billion US dollars (- 3.72%), and the 24-hour trading volume is 61.877 billion US dollars (- 16.05%).

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a new working report on the central bank's digital currency and its legal implications on its official website. According to the report, the current framework is not enough for issuing public oriented cbdcs, and the central bank needs to carry out reformThreat emails demand Bitcoin 2020s before issuing cbdcs. Through targeted legal reform of the central bank, it is relatively easy to make up for the lack of a clear and sound legal basis for issuing CBDC.