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Mulitple lottery winners are more common than you’d think. This year alone we’ve told you about people winning a lottery two or three times. Not sure anybody expected a thirty time lottery winner, though. It’s probably a first; it will probably be the last. But it’s quite easdecember 31 pick lotto results pay when you think about it. Winning the lottery jackpot just means you’ll win the whole prize but when you take a chance on buying a ticket with the hope of winning small fixed prizes, that’s when your luck will pay off. That’s precisely what happened to Virginian Deborah Brown.

A couple from Northern Ireland who recently won an astonishing €127 million (£115 million) on the EuroMillions have spoken publicly about their windfall for the first time since scooping the massive jackpot prize on New Year's Day. Frances and Patrick Connolly have written out a list of around 50 family and friends that they plan on sharing their lottery win with - a lot of whom don’t even know that they have won anything yet! “This is a massive sum of money and we want it to have a huge impact on the lives of other people we know and love as well as on our future too. It is going to be so much fun giving it away. The pleasure for me is going to be seeing people's faces.” Their win makes them the fourth biggest lottery winners ever in the UK.

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Even the shop that sold the winning ticket will come out as winners, because Ernie’s Liquors store, owned by Kewal Sachdev and his wife Kiren will receive a $1 million retail bonus for selling the winning ticket! “It’s like a dream come true,” said Kewal.

Takashi Murakami expressed concerns about prejudice and discrimination against coronavirus patients in his radio show. He said that hedecember 31 pick lotto results pa found that the rhythm of Bossa Nova Nova has a healing effect.

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After the amazing win for the lucky UK player who won Tuesday’s Superdraw rollover, this week's EuroMillions jackpot is now €17 million. A win on the UK Lottery would net you a sweet £13.2 million, with the Irish Lotto jackpot standing at €6.5 million and the US Powerball at a giant $177 million. You can play all of these lotteries online to be in with a chance of winning multi-million pound prizes.

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"The e-mail is so neat and tidy, and I was once excited that the Reserve Bank of India has taken such major measures to ensure the safety of its personnel. However, under the advice of a friend, I checked with the police and learned that I would spend all my savings. I lost this racket," said resident K Manoj.